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Closing and Award Ceremony of the 2023 Huamei Primary School Football League
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After 24 days of intense competition and 64 matches, the Huamei Primary School Football League completed various matches and came to a perfect end. On the morning of May 19th, a grand award ceremony and closing ceremony were held on the school playground.

Accompanied by the passionate athlete march, all students lined up neatly on the playground under the leadership of the class teachers, waiting for the exciting award ceremony.



Director Ye, tCoach Long Wenguang announced the winning teams of this football league.he host, summarized the experience of this football league. He mentioned that with the joint efforts of all teachers and students, this football league has achieved a complete success. There are 29 teams participating in this football league. During the preparation and competition period, all team members consciously abide by the rules of the game, listen to commands, sweat, unite and cooperate, fight bravely, and work with passion. In this league, all players have gained something. Some students have gained football skills, some have gained friendship, and some have understood the power of unity. This will be an unforgettable experience of their lives.


Coach Long Wenguang announced the winning teams of this football league.



 Class 11, Grade 4


  Class 9, Grade 5


Class 3, Grade 6


The Second place:

 Class 2, Grade 4


Class 5, Grade 5


Class 4, Grade 6




The Third place:

 Class 4, Class 10


Class 5, Class 8


Class 6, Grade 6


Finally, Principal Zou Jing announced the closure of the football league. She mentioned that although this football league has ended, our campus football will not end. It has just arrived at a new starting point, allowing us to continue to maintain our love for football and look forward to the next football league.


Strive hard on the field and grow happily on campus. Football matches are not only a game of losing and winning, but also enrich the extracurricular lives of students, showcasing their spirit of unity, hard work, and upward mobility. The most beautiful gesture of childhood is when students go all out to fight.

Children! You are the best.

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