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You are Fully Blooming, I am so Beautiful ——The 28th Oral English Competition has come to a successful end
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Guangzhou Huamei International School, as an international school with featuring English, takes "Compatible with Eastern and Western educational civilizations, cultivating global future elites" as its educational purpose, and has always paid attention to the cultivation of students' core qualities. The Spoken English Contest, as the highlight of the school's English activities, was held on April 22. This activity has greatly improved the students' English oral expression ability and stimulated their enthusiasm for English learning. All the participating classes showed their English style very well, confident style, fluent expression, and natural performance left a deep impression on the audience.


The participating classes are from grades one to four. Grade One and Grade Two performed English songs, and Grade Three and Grade Four performed classic English plays. The leaders and judges attending this competition are Ms. Chen Xiaoying, Director of English and International Curriculum of Huamai School, Ms. Zou Jing, Principal of Primary School, Mr. Shen Minglong, Director of Teaching Department, Ms. Liu Lingling, Leader of English Teaching and Research, Ms. Xiao Yanyan, Key English Teacher, and foreign teacher Chris. The judges and teachers scored from the accuracy of pronunciation and intonation, the layering and smoothness of sentence expression, and the drama and appeal of stage performances. The full score is 100 points.

The cute children of grade one and grade two, dressed in gorgeous clothes, neat singing accompanied by dynamic and happy dance, to the whole competition scene added a lot of vitality and fun, to win the audience waves of applause. Although they are young, The performance on the stage is unambiguous at all, the faces of the young actors are like blooming flowers, emitting a light of incomparable confidence.

The English songs they performed are vivid and interesting and very consistent with the cognitive and psychological characteristics of the lower-grade pupils. The children feel the charm of English language in the beautiful singing and rhythmic rhythm.

The students from Grades 3 and 4 showed the culture and charm of English classics in the form of drama performances. Their vivid dialogues, elaborate choreography, and vivid performances have fully interpreted the characters in the drama and performed one after another in a full and three-dimensional manner. It won cheers from teachers and students. The wonderful performances highlighted the solid English skills and oral expression of the students of Huamei International School. Huamei students boldly show their English talent, showing a positive enthusiasm for performance. On the basis of respecting the original work, the teachers and students boldly borrowed and adapted, integrated their own creative elements, and sublimated and innovated.

Class 4, Grade 3, and Class 8, Grade 3 innovated and adapted The unhappy rich man, an English picture book. Their carefully selected costumes, superb acting skills, and dedicated performances brought the audience into the fluctuating psychological activities of the main characters in the drama. Their performance fully demonstrated the character characteristics and life attitudes of the characters, the small actors were sometimes serious and dignified, sometimes humorous, sometimes harsh, sometimes gentle mumbling, with different styles, and expression in place, far beyond the expected effect. Their carefully prepared props, costumes, backgrounds, music, and so on added to the performance, which drew cheers from the audience at times. Class 8, Grade 4, and Class 9, Grade 4 relisted The classic fairy tale "The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The small actors presented a linguistic feast to the audiences, recreating the classics and making them feel themselves in the scene. The whole drama performance to the climax, the children on the stage like a little elf, with their own performance to the audience to convey the values of truth, kindness, and beauty. The children from Class 6 Grade 4 and Class 11 Grade 4 played an adapted version of the classic English play Aladdin. The confident, fluent expression and relaxed performance of the young actors reflected their careful rehearsals.

Subsequently, The leaders present awards to the winning classes. The first prize winners of this oral English contest are Class 4 Grade 3 and Class 8 Grade 3, The unhappy rich man directed by teacher Wu Ying; Dwarfs, from Class 8 Grade 4 and Class 9 Grade 4, The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, directed by teacher Xu Bihui; Aladdin for Class 6, Grade 4 and Class 11, Grade 4, by teacher Yang Ting.

At the end, Ms. Zou Jing, the principal of the Primary school, made wonderful comments on the oral English competition and her beautiful vision for the Primary school. All the participating classes were praised for their speaking ability and wonderful acting skills. This activity lasted nearly a month from the planning to the competition, which condensed the wisdom and labor of all teachers in the English group. Its success is inseparable from the high attention and support of school leaders.

The students of Huamei School are just like the most gorgeous flowers in spring. The fertile soil in the campus is in full bloom. The Huamei School is also more beautiful because of the children's colorful bloom!

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