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Cambridge Face to Face
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On March 30th, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University, Professor David Cardwell, was invited to Guangzhou Huamei International School to give a speech. As a prominent scholar, Professor Cardwell is well reversed in the essence of international education to cultivate students to be future talents with global perspectives.


       Professor Cardwell explained the concept of educational talent cultivation. He proposed the goal of cultivating international talents which resonated with the audience present. He emphasized that the abilities in applying technical knowledge to practical tasks, collaboration skills, good communication skills, and moral awareness are the key qualities leading to success. They are not only the prerequisites of academic achievement, but also the cornerstone of career success.



      Professor Cardwell also mentioned the hidden risks, such as a lack of understanding of the higher education system and application procedures, inappropriate course selection in early stages, failure to follow one’s interests, not listening to others’ suggestions, delayed decisions on the direction, and insufficient understanding of the selected courses. His suggestions are as follows: Undergraduate studies are only the beginning, and it is often only during graduate studies that one can fulfill the aspirations. Do not overly focus on “research” that is limited to the scientific field. Innovation is the process of finding solutions. Students should actively explore their interests and potential.


       After the speech, Professor Cardwell talked with Huamei students and teachers. Cambridge University is the mother school of many outstanding Chinese students. The professor said that the Chinese students gave a very good impression. He encouraged Huamei students to be adventurous and creative, curious and happy to learn.


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