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First Writing Ceremony in Primary Section of Huamei International School
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Grade group leader announces that the ceremony starts.


First, a speech by Principle Zou on the significance of the opening ceremony to the first grade students. She  hopes the students under the guidance of teachers and the influence of parents, write a simple and profound "" word! (“人” means human being, humanity, person) 


Next speech by grade group leader.

Congratulation to all the children! From the moment you step into school, your little life has opened a big dream. On behalf of the school, I would like to express my warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to you! The ceremony originated in the Spring and Autumn Period of Confucius, it is the Chinese tradition of children that began to practice literacy ceremony, known as one of the four rites of life.It is to celebrate children’s life into a new stage of learning skills and being a good person. It is a sign of children starting school too. I hope you will have a good start of your life and grow up healthily and happily.

Thirdly clean up clothes. It means you should care about your appearance and learn to be a good person


Fourthly learn to bow salute correctly.



Point cinnabar to start children’s wisdom.



Start writing with the Chinese character“



Read the oath and sing the song《中国字,中国人




Beat the drum and declare their ambition

first drum: respect the elders, clear ambition. Second drum: love learning, often work hard. Third drum: learn etiquette, know the shame.



Recite the classics together and take a group photo



A good start is the foundation of success, I believe that today's opening ceremony can let the students feel the Chinese national governor Ming Li, Chongde to aspire to, studious, respect for teachers and filial piety and other excellent traditional culture essence! I hope the students can harvest their own happiness from this opening ceremony! I wish the students the first step in Huamei International School from today, and more beautiful every day!

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